Excursion to the space science centre


The excursion to the space science education centre was great I had so much fun there.

The first thing we did was go to mission control and had so help the astronauts escape the capsule they were in.We did it and they escaped with 6 seconds to spare.

Next we swapped jobs and it was my turn to try and escape and we did with time to spare so we did really well. The experiment was fun we had to do tests on water from mars.

Last of all we tried to build a dancing robot but it was not really a robot  I was partnered with Liam we did pretty good. We put it in the floor and it worked but after five minutes it stoped so we chucked it in the bin.

After that we went back on the bus and we headed back to the school.At the end of the day I thought that it was a great day.






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